Chief Editor:
Lucie Havlíčková
tel.: +420 603 231 380

Sales Department:

Finance Department:
Petr Ševčík
tel.: +420 602 755 450

Editorial Board:
Lucie Havlíčková, David Holík, Jiří Mikel, Petr Ševčík, Jana Frolcová


About Us

Flying Mag comes out twice a year (in the summer and winter flight season). Its main aim is to make the flights of Brno Airport passengers more enjoyable. In terms of content, it includes a variety of information about the most frequent destinations from Brno Airport. Flying Mag also provides tips for interesting places and sights which are not usually found in the guidebooks. There are also sections dedicated to shopping, entertainment, fashion, architecture, culture, lifestyle topics etc.


Flying Mag - oficiální magazín Letiště Brno, official Magazine of Brno Airport